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The Market Value Data comes from your area to help determine our offer…

Kingship Properties looks at homes in South Carolina that have been sold in their fully restored condition, such as seen through Zillow or Realtor.com. We then match your property up to these by bedrooms, baths, floor levels, square footage, exteriors, interiors, and so on. These similar properties are called Comparables or Comps.

When running Comps we try to stay within a one-mile radius of your property. The closer to your property we can get in location and similarities, the stronger the Comp.

In Lexington, we buy houses fast

We then use the market value of 3 – 5 Comps to figure out the After Repair Value of your property, or ARV. ARV is what your property can sell for once it is fully restored.

Learn more about how we buy houses here!

What If My House Is Not HGTV Ready?

Do not Fear the condition of your property, it should not scare you away from selling.

When we buy houses we certainly do not allow the house condition to from purchasing the property.

Our job as a company is to take a property, no matter the condition, from one phase of the process to the next and we do this very well!

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Most homeowners think because their property has been sitting and decaying that they can never sell it or if they do sell it they will not get a fair price for their property. Other homeowners think that they will have to put a lot of money, time, or both into a property before they can sell it.

we buy houses fast for cash
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This Is False! You do not have to apply these resources to the property. If you are wanting to put an end to the headache, a quick option is to fill out the form below. No matter the situation or condition of the property, as said above we use market value data to get you the best offer for the property.

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We Don’t Run From Repairs, We Take Care Of Them!

The repair value of a property can be scary to most homeowners.

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People tend to think that large amounts of money have to be dumped into properties to bring them up to code and standard to compete in today’s market. While this can be true, your money does not have to leave your account! At least not to repair that property, we want to buy. We will view your house and take pictures. You can decide what you want to take and what you want to leave. We will assess the damages and what is needed to repair the property.

You can think about what type of soap to use to wash your hands clean of this burdensome house. We will then take the repair value and subtract it from the Market Value ARV. You can now wipe the sweat from your forehead. Because…..

The repair value now becomes a cost the buyer pays in the restoration process…

We Stay Transparent & There’s No Hidden Costs

We covered how the Market Value Data is calculated and it leads to your Market Value ARV. We also explained why when we buy houses you have nothing to fear from repairs to the removal of any junk or unwanted rubbish within the property.

You are probably now wondering how we are able to be so generous and offer you all of these benefits when buying a neglected, distressed, abandoned, and headache of a property. That may hold tenants that are always late on rents and play their music really loud.

To be fully transparent and answer this question, we will subtract up to 70% of the Market Value ARV. This amount will cover holding costs, closing costs. After the property is fully restored we have our listing cost, our relator’s commission for showing and working the reselling of the property, taxes, and finally our companies profit.

Scroll down to see the numbers at work below…

What Exactly Does An All Cash Offer Look Like?

Since you have made it this far, you are probably curious as to what an All Cash Offer looks like. Let’s say that we researched and found that based on the Market Data that your house’s ARV is $200,000.00.

We then will subtract 70% from this Market Value ARV which leaves $140,000.00. Now we will say the Repair Value is $40,000.00.

That’s right an All Cash Offer of $100,000.00!!!

five start review for we buy houses for cash near you

“James with Kingship Properties is a very caring and amazing person to know. Patient and takes a personal interest in making sure your needs are being met.”

Jessica Capo-Ortiz [Columbia, SC]

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Still, Have Questions About How We Buy Houses?

This video explains the process!

Explaining How We Buy Houses

Any condition we buy houses

Be Like Bill. Bill Closed In 8 Days

Bill’s House had been sitting, rotting, from the outside in for over 10 years. He figured he would be stuck with this useless problemed property paying taxes forever.

After doing a quick Google search for qualified cash buyers. He found Kingship Properties, then learned about how we buy houses and filled out the form.

We called and set up a viewing of the property. Bill accepted the offer. Eight days later he slept soundly knowing that his headache was gone.

Google reviews, five star rating we buy houses fast

“James was great to work with. His follow-through was outstanding and closing was quick.”

Bill McDowell [West Columbia, SC]

Can Your Realtor Get You An All Cash Offer Without the 6 Month Contract?

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Remember We Use Market Value To Craft Offers

Comp’s From Houses Sold In Your Market

Don’t Stress If Your House Isn’t HGTV Ready

Repairs Are Subtracted From The Market Value

A Small Profit Is Subtracted From The Value

Cash Offer Is The Difference Of These Values

Accept The Offer And We Pay The Closing Cost


Our Goal Is A Better Way To Sell Real Estate

From the moment that you press the submit button on our form, Kingship Properties will dedicate its time, energy, and resources to you. Going the extra mile to make this process as simple, fast, and unproblematic as possible.

There are no obligations for you to sell to us when inquiring on a cash offer for your property. However, the obligations that we hold, on your behalf, once you press the submit button are as followed…

Professional, honest, transparent, accurate, and quick services. We meet these standards by eliminating the need for bank financing, which makes for a quick sell. We are not realtors nor do we want to list your property on the MLS. So there are no commissions to be paid or fees that are associated with this traditional way of selling real estate.

Offers are based on the market value of properties sold and buyers will pay for closing costs. We are a team of experts that would like to bring solutions to the problems of the traditional selling of real estate. You can get started right now by filling in the form. Or give us a Call or Text (803) 702-0216.

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