James Carr CEO of Kingship Properties


I am James Carr, CEO of Kingship Properties.

I was taught to always shoot straight, look a person in the eyes when talking because they don’t lie, and a handshake was an agreement that you can’t go back on.

These “Old School” traits have transferred into Kingship Properties. We aim to succeed therefore we will continue to please you, the customer!

We also believe that relationships are the greatest resource that anyone can obtain in life. So, welcome to the family, and let’s shake on a fast paid closing, that starts with a No LowBall Offer!

Our Core Values

Rigorous Authenticity

Surrender The Outcome

Do Uncomfortable Work

These key terms have been our foundation and building blocks. We remove the mask of everyday business by being transparent with the process to stay authentic.

If you think it’s bull, call it, and we will show our work!

By removing the mask, we allow the market to dictate the cash offers. We trust in the process and structure of the business to lead the way and direct us. No matter the outcome.

My promise to you is that at Kingship Properties Lexington, no matter how uncomfortable we may feel, no matter if we have to surrender the outcome and leave money on the table.

We will always be open, honest, transparent, and authentic…

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“My first encounter with James was awesome. Funny and charismatic guy. He took his time, explained every detail, and wasn’t satisfied until I had a full understanding of the process. A great choice for anything dealing in Real Estate.”

Chris Chavez [Dallas, TX]

Kingship Properties in Lexington South Carolina

We are a family-owned company that offers cash for houses in Lexington South Carolina and its surrounding areas.

Kingship Properties has developed a team to provide solutions to the people of Lexington, that may have stumbled upon hardships and need to get from under a property that may be weighing them down.

We specialize in foreclosures, upside-down mortgages, probate, inherited properties, that typical ugly house that has sat for years vacant and needs repairs. Or you may just want a quick sale?

Get to work by getting in contact with Kingship Properties!

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Our Goal Is A Better Way To Sell Real Estate

From the moment that you press the submit button on our form, Kingship Properties will dedicate its time, energy, and resources to you. Going the extra mile to make this process as simple, fast, and unproblematic as possible.

There are no obligations for you to sell to us when inquiring on a cash offer for your property. However, the obligations that we hold, on your behalf, once you press the submit button are as followed…

Professional, honest, transparent, accurate, and quick services. We meet these standards by eliminating the need for bank financing, which makes for a quick sell. We are not realtors nor do we want to list your property on the MLS. So there are no commissions to be paid or fees that are associated with this traditional way of selling real estate.

Offers are based on the market value of properties sold and buyers will pay for closing costs. We are a team of experts that would like to bring solutions to the problems of the traditional selling of real estate. You can get started right now by filling in the form. Or give us a Call or Text (803) 702-0216.

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